Q:  Do you take my insurance?

A:  We file all insurance benefits as a courtesy for our patients. Many insurance companies will encourage you to see an “in-network provider” as a cost-cutting measure. We have found that even when we are “out of network” for dental insurance providers, our patients often have to pay little or no more for our excellent care.

Q:  Do you accept new patients?

A:  We love new patients!

Q:  What does a cleaning (or any other procedure) cost? 

A:  We know that every patient has a budget and needs to know what their financial responsibility will be. However, everyone’s needs are different and there is not a one-size-fits-all procedure for everyone. It’s best to let one of the doctors to evaluate your smile and give you a custom treatment plan for your needs. Our staff also is quite good at estimating first-visit costs – but if you are unsure, ask for a free consultation to meet the doctor to see if Rebol Family Dentistry is a good fit.

Q:  Wait, did you say free consultation?  Does this mean I don’t have to pay for an examination?

A:  Sometimes we have potential new patients who would like to meet one of our doctors to see if the relationship would be a good fit. These are short “meet and great” appointments, where you and the doctor can get to know each other a bit and get an idea of current dental concerns. After this appointment, we can more accurately estimate your costs for your next visit.

Q:  I don’t have insurance. Do you take patients without insurance?

A:  Absolutely! In fact, almost half of our patients pay for our services out of pocket. We strive to keep preventive and restorative dentistry affordable and develop treatment plans with multiple options. We have multiple payment and financing options available, so that you can get the treatment you need.