General Dentistry in Asheville

Routine Cleanings & Oral Health Checkups

Our dental examination typically includes:

  • Diagnostic X-rays
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Periodontal Screening (for Gum Disease)
  • Dental Caries (Cavities) Screening
  • Examination of the Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ) and Jaw Position
  • Occlusal (Bite) Analysis

See full details about what to expect during your dental appointment in Asheville.


If you have a cavity, you’re not the only one. According to one survey, more than 85% of Americans have had at least one tooth affected by decay by the age of 40. At Rebol Family Dentistry, we give you the option of choosing a durable composite resin filling that more closely matches the color of your teeth or a silver amalgam filling to seal a cavity.

Treatment of Gum Disease

Do your gums look red, are swollen and feel a bit painful? Do they bleed every time you brush? You may be on your way to gum disease.

Gum disease appears in two forms: 

  • Gingivitis – The earliest stage of gum disease, gingivitis causes inflammation and some bleeding of the gums from plaque buildup at the gumline. Gingivitis causes gum inflammation but no bone loss.
  • Periodontitis – The second stage of gum disease, where the supporting bone and fibers that hold your teeth in place are damaged, causes bone damage and loss.

Our office uses the following services and technologies to treat gum disease:

  • COMPUTERIZED CHARTING – Our computer software allows us to measure the depth of the periodontally infected areas as well as the healthy areas. We can compare your readings from one appointment to the next and provide you with a graphic printout so you can see how you are doing and where you can help yourself with better home care. This also allows us to tailor our treatment, specifically for you.
  • CAVITRON ULTRASONIC INSTRUMENTATION – We use the most modern ultrasonic equipment available to remove plaque buildup quickly and comfortably.
  • SOFT TISSUE THERAPY – Our highly skilled dental hygienists have been trained to thoroughly remove the bacteria-ridden plaque and tartar deposits that colonize the tooth roots. This is the key to eliminating periodontal disease.

Oral Surgery / Extractions

Our dentists provide routine oral surgery and extract most teeth in house. For specialty or more difficult cases, we maintain close relationships with local oral surgeons to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

Other Treatments

We also can help you with a variety of other conditions, such as:

  • Bruxism/Grinding
  • Migraine Treatment/Prevention
  • Sleep Apnea
  • TMJ Therapy