General Dentistry in Asheville

Routine Cleanings & Oral Health Checkups

People always say that regular dental check ups are important for your long term health, but why is that? Even if you are good about brushing and flossing, plaque buildup can cause significant issues if it has been years since you saw a dentist in Asheville. Our dentists recommend scheduling a routine dental check up at least twice a year.

When you come in for a routine visit at our dental clinic in Asheville, the initial examination or check up and the teeth cleaning portion (oral prophylaxis).

What Happens During Your Dental Check Up?

After you sit down in one of our comfy chairs, one of our dentists will check your teeth for cavities. They may also take an X-ray in order to detect cavities that are located between the teeth. Your dentist will also take note of any plaque or tartar buildup in your mouth.

If you have visited a dentist in Asheville before, than you are already familiar with plaque. This clear, slightly sticky bacteria forms in the mouth around the teeth after you eat and can harden into tartar if it isn’t cleaned/removed.

Please note that you won’t be able to remove tartar buildup using a toothbrush or by flossing. Ignoring this is not recommended either, as tartar can eventually lead to oral diseases that will cause a whole host of other problems and be extremely expensive to treat.

After this, your dentist will carefully check the health of your gums. They will use a special tool that measures the depth of the spaces between your gums and teeth. This space should be shallow if your gums are healthy. However, poor brushing habits and gum disease can produce deep spaces between the gums and teeth.

To wrap things up, our dentists will also examine your tongue and throat for any signs of other issues that need to be addressed.

Our dental examination typically includes:

  • Diagnostic X-rays
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Periodontal Screening (for Gum Disease)
  • Dental Caries (Cavities) Screening
  • Examination of the Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ) and Jaw Position
  • Occlusal (Bite) Analysis

See full details about what to expect during your dental appointment in Asheville.

How Asheville Dentists Do Fillings?

A lot of people think about cavities when it comes to visiting their dentist (even if they’ve never had one before). If you have, then you’re familiar with dental fillings. Our Asheville dentists use fillings in order to fix cavities in the teeth. Unfortunately, due to the fact that so many Americans develop cavities, there are many common misconceptions around fillings.

Do you believe that getting a filling is extremely painful or a really serious ordeal? This is not the case at all. Unfortunately, these types of misconceptions keep many Ashevillians from coming in to see the dentist on a regular basis. This is serious as cavities can lead to infections in the teeth that are actually very serious and painful.

According to one survey, more than 85% of Americans have had at least one tooth affected by decay by the age of 40. At Rebol Family Dentistry, we give you the option of choosing a durable composite resin filling that more closely matches the color of your teeth or a silver amalgam filling to seal a cavity.

How Our Dentists Treat Gum Disease

Do your gums look red, are swollen and feel a bit painful? Do they bleed every time you brush? You may be on your way to gum disease.

Gum disease appears in two forms: 

  • Gingivitis – The earliest stage of gum disease, gingivitis causes inflammation and some bleeding of the gums from plaque buildup at the gumline. Gingivitis causes gum inflammation but no bone loss.
  • Periodontitis – The second stage of gum disease, where the supporting bone and fibers that hold your teeth in place are damaged, causes bone damage and loss.

For patients that visit our dental clinic in Asheville, how we proceed with gum disease treatment depends on several distinct factors, including medical history, personal health and stage of their gum disease.

Treating Early Stage Gum Disease (Gingivitis)

Early stage gum disease (gingivitis) can typically be treated with a professional dental cleaning. We will also give you some oral hygiene advice and tips you can use to keep your mouth healthy moving forward.

Treating Late Stage Gum Disease

Once gum disease has progressed beyond gingivitis, it’ll require a deeper form of dental cleaning to treat. Please note that our dentists are able to split this up over more than one visit depending on your needs.

Our office uses the following services and technologies to treat gum disease in Asheville:

  • Computerized Charting – Our computer software allows us to measure the depth of the periodontally infected areas as well as the healthy areas. We can compare your readings from one appointment to the next and provide you with a graphic printout so you can see how you are doing and where you can help yourself with better home care. This also allows us to tailor our treatment, specifically for you.
  • Cavitron Ultrasonic Instrumentation – We use the most modern ultrasonic equipment available to remove plaque buildup quickly and comfortably.
  • Soft Tissue Therapy – Our highly skilled dental hygienists have been trained to thoroughly remove the bacteria-ridden plaque and tartar deposits that colonize the tooth roots. This is the key to eliminating periodontal disease.

Oral Surgery / Extractions

Our dentists have the equipment and skills necessary to conduct routine oral surgery and teeth extraction in our Asheville dental clinic. For patients who have never gotten more than a filling at the dentist, the idea of oral surgery can be quite daunting. So we wanted to provide some detail on the more common procedures we perform here in Asheville.

Tooth Extraction in Asheville

Tooth extractions are a common procedure for oral surgeons. This is usually a requirement if a tooth has been impacted by disease, overcrowding or blunt trauma. If the tooth has been exposed from the gums, then oral surgery may not be required.

This procedure is reserved for situations where tissue or bone needs to be cut away in order to extract the tooth. Following the procedure, our oral surgeons will use stitches to close the remaining cavity.

Prosthodontics in Asheville

In order to get a crown, the tooth has to be reshaped. This is done using a prosthodontics procedure at our clinic in Asheville. Prosthodontics is a term that actually includes a variety of aesthetic procedures. This includes surgically inserting dental implants for artificial teeth and reshaping teeth for veneers or bridges.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Asheville

These procedures are a bit more complex, so not many patients are personally familiar with them. A specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery can perform dentoalveolar surgery, corrective jaw surgery, maxillofacial dental implants, and pre-prosthetic bone augmentation and nerve repositioning.

For specialty or more difficult cases, we maintain close relationships with local oral surgeons in Asheville. This way, we can ensure that each of our patients will receive the best dental care possible.

Other Dental Treatments We Provide

We also can help you with a variety of other conditions, such as:

  • Bruxism/Grinding
  • Migraine Treatment/Prevention
  • Sleep Apnea
  • TMJ Therapy