Meet Our New Dentist, Dr. Sparks!

Rebol Family Dentistry is proud to announce that we are welcoming a new member to our family of trained professionals, Chris Sparks, DMD. Dr. Sparks has three years of in-field experience as a clinical dentist and is passionate about creating beautiful smiles for all his patients. We are excited to welcome him to our team and are sure that he will make a valuable addition to Rebol’s practice.

Dr. Sparks in front of Rebol Family Dentistry's office in Asheville, NC

What Drew Dr. Sparks to Pediatric Dentistry?

Dr. Sparks was first drawn to dentistry when he originally began shadowing the profession.

“I love being able to interact with people in meaningful ways that will be a benefit to their overall well-being, and dentistry allows me to do just that,” says Dr. Sparks of his reasons for entering this field. “I’ve always had a knack for using my hands to craft with precision, which translated perfectly into the ability to provide dental restorations that are both cosmetically and functionally superior.”

Dr. Sparks experience and passion for what he does has made him a top candidate for any dental practice.

Where Did Dr. Sparks Go to School?

Dr. Sparks received his degree in Business Administration from the Kenan Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, where he minored in Chemistry. He went on to receive his DMD from East Carolina University’s School of Dental Medicine.

What’s Dr. Sparks Favorite Thing About Being a Dentist?

While Dr. Sparks enjoys all aspects of the dental profession, he finds establishing a personal relationship with his patients to be particularly rewarding. He aims to identify and eliminate the causes of dental disease, while educating patients on achieving and maintaining health in their oral cavity.

“It’s exciting for me to work together with my patients to create a plan to put them on a path towards oral wellness, then execute these plans and see the progress made along the way.”

Dr. Sparks feels confident in the people of Asheville; he recognizes that most of our citizens have a passion for health and happiness, and he looks forward to assisting them in taking the best care of their teeth that they possibly can.

When asked about what he’s looking forward to most about his new position, Dr. Sparks says that he is excited about working with the great team at Rebol Family Dentistry. He believes he’ll be a great contribution to our practice, and that together we can provide excellent comprehensive oral care for patients in Asheville and the surrounding areas.

What Are Dr. Sparks Favorite Things to Do in Asheville?

Dr. Sparks is an outdoor buff who loves to stay active, which makes him a near perfect fit for our Blue Ridge paradise.

“Being an incredible mountain city with so much to offer, it was hard not to be drawn into Asheville as a place to live and practice.”

Dr. Sparks says that he is excited to take part in some of Asheville’s many local activities, be it live music or floating down the French Broad with his 3 year-old Australian Shepherd, Bella.

Beyond his appreciation for local endeavors and his adorable dog, Dr. Sparks is an avid sports fan. His teams are the UNC Tarheels and the Carolina Panthers, so he’s sure to be in good company with the other avid sports fans around our great city. Not only a spectator, Dr. Sparks says he equally enjoys playing tennis, golf, and several other sports as well.

Fun Facts About Dr. Sparks

“At East Carolina I was awarded the first ever Intramural Ironman title, having won the most intramural championships out of the entire undergrad/graduate campuses over the course of the year,” Dr. Sparks tells us. “I love to stay active!”

We’d say that’s an understatement…

Come in and meet all of our caring and qualified doctors! Rebol Family Dentistry is now welcoming new patients of all ages. We provide comprehensive dental care for the whole family. Call us at 828-358-2292 or fill out this form to request an appointment, and be sure to keep an eye out for our newest doctor around town!

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