5 Reasons to Schedule a Dental Appointment Before School Starts

It’s that time of year again; the kids are going back to school! New notebooks? Got ‘em. Booster shots? Yep! What about a dental check up? 

Child goes to pediatric dental appointment before school starts

Though it may seem like medical check ups are the only necessity for kids going back to school, a dental check up and teeth cleaning are highly recommended at the start of the school year. A healthy mouth means a healthy kid! And some schools actually require that teeth have been checked prior to the school year, so why not take the time and do so now?

Your Schedule Isn’t Crazy (Yet!)

One of the best parts about taking your child to the dentist during summer is that everyone’s not so busy yet! As soon as September hits, most children will have after-school activities, parents will be shuttling their kids from point A to point B, and life will have returned to its regularly scheduled mania again.

Carve out some time for your children to see a dentist before going back to school. You’ll be happy to have it out of the way, and your doctor will be able to tell you whether or not further treatment is necessary, such as braces or fillings. We recommend that children see us every six months or so due to the high rate of change that happens during their school years.

A Healthy Mouth Means Better Grades

Getting a check up prior to the start of school can improve a child’s chance of excelling academically. They won’t have to miss days of school, which means they’ll be spending their time in the classroom where they should be.

Additionally, kids can become easily distracted by pain or discomfort. If there is an issue with their teeth or oral health, they might fixate on that instead of focusing on their teacher. Ensure that they are good to go with a dental check up before the school year!

Fluoride and Fresh Breath

There’s nothing like a fresh set of choppers! Set your children up for the new school year by clearing away debris and deep cleaning their teeth. Additionally, by scheduling an appointment before the school year starts, your dentist can look for infections or decay and treat them if they exist, preventing further days out of school.

Fluoride is important to protect teeth and help them grow stronger. Make sure your child is up to date on fluoride treatments. While most cities have fluoride in the water, sometimes it’s not enough.

Reinforce Good Habits

There’s never a bad time to reinforce good habits! This is especially true during the last weeks of summer, as everyone will be busy when school starts up again. Take your child to the dentist and allow the doctors to do the talking. Pediatric dentists in Asheville in particular are trained in ways to encourage good dental habits and will be a welcome addition to your own encouragement.

Remember, not all kids will be able to brush alike. Talk to your family dentist about what to expect from your child at their age. For example, children six and under may think they’re ready to brush by themselves but often lack the necessary motor skills. Make sure that the whole household is doing their part to prevent cavities.

If you don’t yet have a family dentist and live in the Asheville area, contact us to set up an appointment.

Tonsil Check

Dental check ups are an ideal time to take a look at your child’s tonsils as well. Enlarged or inflamed tonsils can interfere with a child’s well being, usually by affecting their sleep or concentration. This is important to recognize and treat early on.

The back-to-school season is always hectic, and we understand that parents can get a bit bogged down with tasks. Try to make the time to see a dentist and get a check up before the school year. If you are interested in speaking to one of our doctors, make an appointment today.

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