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What Are Your Dental Options If You Have Bad Credit?

Accessing the money needed to pay for dental or orthodontic work can be tricky. Insurance often doesn’t cover certain procedures, leaving patients to find alternative ways to cover the cost, such as dental loans, and a lot of questions.

Patient with bad credit discusses financial options with Asheville Dentist

You may think that having bad credit can disqualify you from receiving a loan for the dental care you want or need, but that’s not necessarily the case. There are plenty of practices—our own included—that work with members of the community who have poor credit and are in need of financing. Whether your credit is consistently stellar or leaves something to be desired, there are options that can help you get the treatment you’re looking for.

Secured and Unsecured Personal Loans

While most dental loans are dependent on credit, secured loans offer those with bad credit a way to affordably pay for their dental implants. In a secured loan, something with value that belongs to the person receiving the loan, such as a car or house, is put up as collateral against the loan. This means that the lender could repossess those items if the loan becomes delinquent. Reducing the risk for the lender allows the borrower to apply for more money with a better chance of qualifying.

Adversely, an unsecured loan is not connected to any collateral. If the borrower becomes delinquent on an unsecured loan, the lender won’t have anything to repossess; instead, they will hire a collection agency to try and get the money from the borrower. Since an unsecured loan puts a lender at more risk, they are usually more difficult to qualify for with bad credit.

Set Up a Payment Plan with your Dentist

Most dental practices offer some kind of payment plan for their patients, including our own. They know that they are there to serve community members of all backgrounds and will usually work with you to design the best plan for both parties involved. The plans can vary from in-house offers to partnerships with third-party dental financing companies, some of which don’t require a credit-check or charge interest.

Use a Credit Card

Credit cards are another option to those looking for resources to help finance dental work. Each credit card is different and some allow credit scores as low as 550. You’ll have to do research to find the right one, however, a lower credit score often comes with higher interest charges.

Some cards are specific to healthcare costs, even dental costs. Using a dental credit card has both its advantages and disadvantages. Monthly payments tend to be small, but dental cards have a high APR, meaning that the many years it takes to pay off the procedure will probably cost you a lot in interest payments. On the plus side, making these payments regularly will be reported to the credit bureau, which could end up improving your score.

One medical card called Care Credit charges no interest on short financing terms, usually six to 24 months, and is worth exploring. Rebol Family Dentistry has a partnership with Care Credit, meaning we work with them to offer greater financing options to our patients.

Flexible Spending Account

Another option popular with people is to use a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). This is a certain type of benefit for employers that usually comes in a company insurance package. To use an FSA, you simply write a check from your FSA or use an FSA debit card. Money is then deducted from your paycheck throughout the year to pay it off.

There are plenty of ways that a person with bad credit can still access the dental procedures they need, and even more reasons why you should be proactive in taking care of your oral health. We would also like to remind those without full insurance coverage that dental insurance costs less than health insurance and is readily accessible. Consider signing up to receive benefits and decreased regular visits on top of help with specialty procedures.

If you have questions about Rebol Family Dentistry’s financing options, please contact us or set up an appointment. We are happy to discuss your individual needs with you to find what works best.

A Dentist in Asheville is Giving Away a Cruise?

Cruise Giveaway

We care about our patients and the community!

Asheville is a smaller city. There is a sense of community and pride tied to where we live. Asheville residents and visitors alike love the mountains, the fresh air and the relaxed atmosphere that we foster.

That sense of pride in our community is just one of the reasons that the Rebol Family Dentistry team loves what we do. Since opening, maintaining relationships with the community and our patients has been a core goal. We care about our patients, their dental health and how they feel.

Our fondness of our patients has also lead us to provide more opportunities for fun at our office. We want to thank all our patients for supporting us. That’s why we’re giving away another trip. Even though the mountains are beautiful and Asheville is home, we all need to get away and relax every once in awhile.

This winter we’re announcing our “Beat the Winter Blue Cruise” giveaway. This trip is a way to say “thank you” to our patients for the loyalty, engagement and fun!

The giveaway will send two of our patients on a 3-night cruise from Charleston to the Bahamas. It will run from December 12, 2019 to February 28, 2019. Patients can enter in the office or by completing the four tasks that will periodically be posted to our social media.

Good luck and enjoy!

The winner will be awarded a $750 Carnival Cruise gift card that may be redeemed as the recipient wishes. To win, you must be a Rebol Family Dentistry Patient. Not a patient of ours, but need a dentist in town? Request an appointment here!



Taks #1:

Write on our Facebook wall and tell us why you and your plus one deserve the cruise.

You’ll get your name entered into the drawing once just for posting. If you want additional entries, share your post and get friends to like and comment. You’ll get an additional entry for every 10 likes or comments.

Task #2:

Post a meme to our Facebook wall that illustrates how you feel about winter right now. Tag us in the post and use #beatthewinterbluescruise. Get one entry for posting, and an additional entry for every 10 likes, comments or shares.

Task #3:

Stop by our office and take a selfie with our sign, our front door or one of our friendly staff members, then just post the selfie to social media and tag us! It’s easy!

Task #4:

Comment on this blog post with the answer to this question: If you win the cruise for two and could take one famous person along, who would it be and why?

Task #5:

Leave a Google review. Already left one? Comment on this blog and let us know and we’ll get you entered. Don’t have a Gmail account? Leave us a Facebook or Yelp review instead.


All tasks will continue to accumulate entries until the morning of the drawing. Get posting!

How Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health

You may have heard this by now, but oral health is often described as the window to the rest of your body. Your oral health offers clues to the condition of the rest of your body, and issues in your mouth can affect the rest of your body as well–just in case you needed another great reason to see your dentist in Asheville.

Asheville dentist gives patient oral health advice

A person’s mouth is teeming with bacteria, most of which are harmless and kept under control with daily brushing and flossing. If proper hygiene is not maintained, the level of bacteria in a person’s mouth can reach dangerous highs, leading to possible infection, tooth decay or gum disease.

Certain diseases, such as HIV/AIDS or diabetes, can lower the body’s ability to fight infection, exacerbating oral health problems. Osteoporosis, a condition that causes the bones to become weak and brittle, may also be linked with periodontal bone loss and tooth loss.

Is Your Saliva Healthy?

Saliva is a great indicator of the health of a person’s mouth. A doctor can test saliva for various substances, including environmental toxins, illegal drugs, hormones, or antibodies that indicate HIV infection or hepatitis. Saliva also acts as a disabler to harmful bacteria and viruses.

Certain medications can reduce saliva flow, including antihistamines, painkillers, decongestants, antidepressants, and diuretics. Saliva is key in washing away food and neutralizing the acid produced by bacteria in a person’s mouth, which helps to protect it from a microbial overgrowth, which may lead to disease. You should talk with your dentist and inform them of any medications that you are on before or during a checkup.

Conditions Linked to Oral Health

Some common conditions are linked to oral health. A person’s oral health may contribute to these different conditions and diseases, including:

  • Endocarditis – an infection of the inner lining of your heart, endocarditis usually occurs when bacteria spread through the bloodstream from another area in the body, such as the mouth, and to the damaged areas in the heart
  • Cardiovascular Disease – scientists suggest that clogged arteries, heart disease, and stroke may be linked to oral bacteria and the inflammation or infections that it causes
  • Pregnancy/birth – research links periodontitis to premature birth and low birth weight

Eating disorders, head and neck cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, and Sjogren’s syndrome are just a couple of other conditions that may have a link to oral health. It’s important to tell your dentist if you are taking any medications or have experienced any changes in your health一especially a recent diagnosis一so that they can adjust treatment for these factors.

Protecting your oral health

There are easy steps that can be made to protect and preserve the health of your mouth and the rest of your body. Good oral hygiene is key, including:

  • Brushing your teeth at least twice daily
  • Daily floss
  • A healthy diet and limited snacking
  • Replacing a toothbrush every three to four months, sooner if the bristles are coming apart
  • No tobacco use
  • Regular dental checkups

Your Mouth Is a Source of Infection

Without regular brushing and flossing to keep teeth clean, plaque will begin to build up along the gumline, which creates a breeding ground for bacteria. An infection in the gums is known as gingivitis, which can lead to periodontitis一a more serious gum infection一if a person isn’t careful. The most severe form of gum infection is acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, also called trench mouth.

While bacteria from your mouth won’t normally enter the bloodstream, invasive dental treatments or even routine brushing or flossing with a gum disease can open an entryway for the microbes. Certain medications or treatments that affect saliva can disrupt the normal bacterial balance in a person’s mouth.

After the immune system is compromised, oral bacteria can enter the bloodstream and may cause infection elsewhere in the body. This is especially true in cases of long-term gum infection.


It’s pretty common knowledge that good oral hygiene is good for you, but you might not be aware of just how much of an effect it can have on a person’s body. The state of your oral health can be very indicative of the health of the rest of the body. Do your body a favor by staying on top of your oral hygiene and making regular visits with your dentist.

Rebol Family Dentistry is happily accepting new patients right now, contact us to request an appointment or give us a call for more information. We look forward to being the dental practice that you can trust.

7 Reasons to Get Your Teeth Whitened in Asheville

If you’re like many people considering getting your teeth whitened, you may be wondering what types of benefits it will ultimately provide. Whitening your teeth is more than just a cosmetic service; it can enrich your life in a variety of ways.

Here are 11 reasons why getting your teeth professionally whitening is a brilliant, dazzling idea!

1) Get a Brighter, Whiter Smile

First and foremost, the main reason people get their teeth whitened is for a brighter, whiter smile. While this may seem self-explanatory, it is a great reason in and of itself. When you have white, stain-free teeth, your smile will instantly look radiant and healthy. And that certainly a trait most people want for themselves!

2) Look Younger and Reverse the Effects of Staining

As you age, certain things are inevitable. One of them is that your teeth tend to get darker or yellower as the years wax on. This is normal for anyone, and lifestyle habits like smoking or drinking coffee, dark colas, or red wine can expedite the yellowing process. While we’d discourage anyone from smoking, we don’t want anyone to have to suffer because of past choices. Not to mention that you shouldn’t be “punished” for that morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine.

Start with a professional teeth whitening and preserve the effects by drinking darker drinks out of a reusable, BPA-free straw―at least while you’re at home!

3) Inspire Yourself for Better Oral Hygiene

Many people find that when they have dazzling teeth, they feel compelled to floss more often than they used to, brush more thoroughly, and generally take more pride in their newly whitened pearly whites. When we feel happy our confident in a trait, we tend to want to preserve it in every way.

Conversely, there is nothing more frustrating that taking perfect care of your teeth and having them still be yellow. If you are a daily flosser, meticulous brusher, and regular dentist go-er, why not reward your hard work with a smile that shows off your great habits?

4) Prepare for a Special Occasion

Getting married, graduating, or preparing for a different special occasion? Then you probably don’t even need convincing! Spend your special day rocking the smile of your dreams.

5) Impress at Job Interviews and Job Functions

If you are looking for a job, or you have a job where face-to-face interactions are a large part of what you do, you might consider teeth whitening a career investment. Having a friendly and attractive smile builds trust and subconsciously impresses those around you.

6) Get ‘Grammable Shots Without Photo Editing

Instagram or it didn’t happen! These days, we all want to put our best face forward on all types of social media, from Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn to Twitter. Skip the part where you zoom in on Facetune and stroke the little whitening brush over your teeth―why not have a “filtered” face in real life?

7) Feel Confident Every Day!

Sure, teeth whitening may not technically be a necessity; however, investing in yourself shouldn’t be something that makes you feel guilty! After all, how you feel about yourself is a massive factor in determining your day-to-day happiness. This trickles down to how you treat your loved ones, how confident you feel at your job, and how you experience every moment of your life.

Furthermore, this lasts longer than a new outfit or new trinket, and is something from which you gain value around the clock. When you get your teeth professionally whitened, you “woke up like this!”

Woman smiling after getting her teeth whitened in Asheville

Want to know more? Let’s chat in person! Give us a call at (828) 358-2292.

Which Teeth Whitening Strips Do Our Dentists Recommend?

We’re confident that you now know how to brush  your teeth in a safe and effective manner, but what if you want to go a step further with the look of your smile? Beautiful, bright white teeth are the accessory that always stays in style, no matter the season. You may be wondering how you can maintain your own pearly whites in our 21st century age? The answer may shock some, but it’s become all the rage in recent years: white strips!

Asheville dentist discusses teeth whitening strips with patient

As a multi-billion dollar industry, teeth whitening naturally has many options, but not all are cut from the same cloth. Some are more costly than others, some don’t work as advertised, and some can even be dangerous to your health (yikes!). That’s why it’s important to consult a professional before embarking on your own whitening regiment.

Whitening streatments get expensive, but at-home strips are an affordable, easy-to-use alternative that garners results you can actually see. Which brands do we suggest? Continue reading for a brief breakdown of the whitening strips that our dentists recommend using in the comfort of your own home.

Crest 3D Whitestrips

We figured we would start with the most accessible. Crest 3D Whitestrips can be purchased in stores or online. The whitening gel is contained in convenient strips that mold to your teeth. Crest strips are well suited to those with sensitive teeth since they typically have a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which is just 10% of the overall formula. There are a lot of different iterations of Crest Whitestrips, but all have positive ratings online and are almost guaranteed to provide you with brighter, whiter teeth.

Lumist Advanced

For those individuals with extremely sensitive teeth, consider Lumist Advanced. Their whitening strips are clinically proven to cause little to no sensitivity due to the higher concentration of carbamide peroxide. These strips are made without bleach or hydrogen peroxide but are still able to noticeably whiten teeth. Plus, they are made with Comfort Fit Technology, ensuring they won’t slip around after they’ve been placed on your teeth.

An additional tip if you are feeling excess sensitivity while using white strips: brush your teeth with Sensodyne toothpaste while you’re using the strips. It should counteract the sensitivity to the point where you can continue with your whitening.

Tansmile Charcoal Teeth Whitening Strips

Made entirely from natural and organic materials such as coconut oil, charcoal, and citric acid, the Tansmile Charcoal Teeth Whitening Strips guarantee results after one use. The package comes with 14 sets of strips, each containing a strip for the top and bottom rows of teeth. You can easily drink water with these strips in place since they hold firm.

Bright White Teeth Whitening Strips

These strips are easy to use and guarantee results. Teeth look whiter within the first hour of using Bright White Teeth Whitening Strips, but the real results come after fourteen days of treatment, which can last up to a year afterward. They come outfitted with effective gripping technology, so the strips won’t slide around your teeth. Some users have complained that the adhesive grip is almost too strong, which made them worried when they had to remove the strips, but no damage was done.

DentaPro2000 At Home Professional Whitening Strips

DentaPro2000 Whitening Strips work hard to remove serious stains from your teeth, and customers have given them very positive reviews. These strips are the solution for difficult coffee and wine stains that just won’t budge with regular teeth cleaning. And as an added bonus, these strips offer the best value for your money of all the strips listed here.

Good teeth whitening technology is available to those who want it, but picking the right product requires a bit of research. Our dental professionals give each of the above products their personal stamp of approval, meaning you will see results and feel better after using them.

If you’re looking for a new dentist in the Asheville area, contact us to set up an appointment. We offer family services as well as more in-depth dental work such as dental implants or crowns. We look forward to becoming your trusted dental office!

Rebol Tri-Wizard Tournament – Win Passes to Harry Potter World!

Promotion for Harry Potter Wizarding World Contest

UPDATE: All three tasks have been completed and we have selected our winning wizard! Check out our Facebook page to see the entries and the winner! Also, comment on our Facebook wall, or on this post if you’d like us to make this contest an annual event!

Have you been thinking about taking a trip to Universal Studios Orlando and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter? We thought so! One lucky person is going to win two single-day passes to the parks – completely free! Here’s how you can be the winner in 5 easy steps!

  1. Step 1: Like and follow us on social media to get updates about the contest
  2. Step 2: Complete task number 1 of our Tri-Wizard Tournament
  3. Step 3: Complete last number 2 of our Tri-Wizard Tournament
  4. Step 4: Complete task number 3 of our Tri-Wizard Tournament
  5. Step 5: The wizard with the most points, wins!

This year our themed office costumes for Halloween are Harry Potter inspired. That inspired us to host a Tri-Wizard tournament and give away these passes.

The Tri-Wizard Tournament will commence October 15, 2018 and will end November 2, 2018. The tournament will have three unique and easy tasks. Simply participate in each task and if you earn the most points, you win! For each task, points will be awarded for the top performers/winners starting with 5 points, 4 points, and so on, down to 1 point. In the case of a tie at the completion of the tournament, the names of the wizards will be dropped into the wizard’s cup and the name that appears will win the tickets!

Task #1: The first event will be a Harry Potter meme contest. Simply find your favorite Harry Potter meme (or GIF) and post it to our Facebook page. The meme with the most likes and comments will be ranked #1. All memes must be PG. Any inappropriate or offensive content will be deleted and the participant will be disqualified.

Task #2: For this portion of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, match the Rebol staff to their Hogwarts Houses. Just copy the list of staff members below (no need to copy the entire status), paste it into a post that you post to OUR FACEBOOK PAGE and type the house selection beside the staff members’ names. Each of our staff will complete a “Sorting Hat” quiz to determine which house they belong to.

The house options are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

  • Dr. Rebol
  • Dr. Sparks
  • Taylor: Administrative Coordinator
  • Kristie: Front Office
  • Debbie: Insurance Coordinator
  • Arlene: Dental Assistant
  • Rebeca: Dental Assistant
  • Cindi: Dental Assistant
  • Tonya: Hygienist
  • Kelli: Hygienist
  • Kelly: Hygienist


10 Reasons to See Your Dentist in Asheville

At Rebol Family Dentistry, we think there are lots of reasons that a person should go see their dentist, least of all our wonderful doctors, which is why we were so surprised to find out that, according to a poll, only around 65% of adults in the United States see a dentist annually.

Woman visits Rebol Family Dentistry in Asheville

We’ve narrowed down the options to compile a list of 10 great reasons that you (and your loved ones!) should see your dentist, in Asheville or otherwise, this fall.

1) Tartar, Plaque & Cavities

Tartar, plaque, and cavities are a problem for even the most diligent brushers and consistent flossers, and the majority of us making common mistakes. Built up plaque becomes harder to remove, turning into tartar over time. Solidified tartar is both difficult to excavate and hazardous to the health of your mouth. Visits to the dentist are actually much less intense if they happen more regularly.

Regular dentist visits prevent tartar from eroding teeth or creating holes in them, which is how cavities are created. It’s hard to catch a cavity as its being created; likely, you will only know after it’s too late. Once the damage is done, you will have to return to the dentist and have your cavities filled. Why not save a buck and go in for regular check-ups instead?

2) Address Pain

Pain and swelling anywhere in the face and jaw should be checked out to ascertain its exact cause. Toothaches are one of the top symptoms that dentists look out for, so if you have one that’s been bothering you, pop in for a check-up.

3) Check Up on Past Dental Work

Dental work, like other medical interventions, requires regular check-ups with professionals. If you have had crowns, fillings, dental implants or dentures, come by your Asheville dentist for a quick inspection.

4) Gum Disease

Gum disease is a possible effect of unattended tartar. This happens when tartar buildup leads to an infection in the area where the gum is connected to the tooth, causing the gum to retreat from the tooth. This is known as gingivitis and can generate a breakdown in tissue that attaches your gums to your teeth.

5) Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is a very serious and unfortunate disease, affecting thousands each year. The early onset signs of oral cancer are as yet unknown, however, dentists are highly trained in detecting the symptoms of oral cancer. Fortunately, early-stage oral cancer is often easily treatable. Recognizing oral cancer in its early stages is key to successfully treating it. You may not recognize certain abnormalities, but your dentist will.

6) Pregnancy

Seeing a dentist while you’re pregnant is not only safe, it’s smart. Pregnancy can exacerbate certain dental conditions, so it’s important to make regular appointments.

7) Head, Neck & Lymph Node Checks

Your dentist won’t just check your teeth and jaw during a regular appointment, they’ll also extend their check up to your head, neck, and lymph nodes to look for any swelling or abnormalities, which could be a sign of a major health issue.

8) Dry Mouth

Persistent dry mouth, or the feeling of always being parched, could be a sign of a medical issue or medication side effect. Talk to your dentist about it.

9) Tobacco Use

The use of chewing tobacco or cigarettes is a well-known impediment to good oral health. Checking in with your dentist could save you from developing oral cancer as a result of tobacco use.

10) Mouth Spots & Sores

Mouth sores can be quite typical. Common ones include cold sores, canker sores, or candidiasis, which vary in severity and cause. If you have a spot or sore that’s lasted longer than a week or doesn’t appear right, have your dentist take a look. It could be the symptom of a disease or disorder; infection from a virus, bacteria or disorder; or an irritant caused by dentures, braces, or other types of hardware.


Regular dental visits may seem like a pain or an inconvenience, but, coupled with other good habits, they should keep your mouth healthy and clear for years to come. Contact our Asheville dental practice to make an appointment, and remember that we are a family dental office and as such welcome patients of all ages.

4 Ways To Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear of Dentists

As a parent, you already know your tiny human has a lot of unfounded fears. From the time the broccoli looked like “a bumpy green monster” (well played, little one!) to classics like the bad guy under the bed, there are thousands of moments that drive any mom or dad to sympathize, roll their eyes, or even chuckle.

Child is scared to visit the dentist in Asheville

When it comes to fear of the dentist, your child is not alone. Not only are plenty of other children in their shoes, but a great deal of full-grown adults can actually relate as well. So how do you soothe your precious little person? Here are 4 key tips to get you started.

1) Treat It Like a Common Errand

If you spend multiple days in advance trying to emotionally prepare your child for his or her first trip to the dentist, chances are it might backfire. Sometimes as parents, we over-correct a potential problem before the issue even has a chance to present itself. If this will be your child’s first time at the dentist, it’s a good strategy to treat it like a simple grocery run or even an exciting mini-adventure.

Of course, if your kiddo has already been to the dentist a few times and developed a fear, this strategy is less effective. If this is the case, treat your trip to the dentist like a big, brave accomplishment instead.

2) Give Kids Room for Their Own Thoughts

Kids are full of opinions—for better or worse. With this in mind, it can be beneficial to take a step back and let them tell you how they feel. Instead of using phrases like, “Don’t worry sweetie, this won’t hurt,” before you go to the dentist, allow them to form their own opinions. Perhaps they weren’t worried in the first place that it would hurt.

If your child’s evaluation of the dentist is that the experience was scary, make sure to let us know. For instance, teeth can be a bit sensitive after a cleaning and this is something that is much less scary if they are prepared. When working with wary children, we can speak in a way that might be less intimidating; for example, “I’m just going to count your teeth!” or “Let me clean off a few sugar bugs so your teeth are nice and healthy!”

3) Evaluate Whether They’re Better Off With You or Alone

You may be wondering whether it’s best to stay with your child or nudge them out of the nest. The answer is: it depends. Some children may feel abandoned if you stay in the waiting room, whereas others may enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with being independent. You know your child best!

4) Don’t Feel Guilty About a Tantrum

In a perfect world, your child wouldn’t throw a tantrum about going to the dentist. But in a perfect world, your child would also eat his veggies, be nice to her siblings, and not yank on the dog’s ears quite that hard.

If your mini-me has shed some tears or tossed a tantrum, don’t feel bad. It’s not an uncommon occurrence. The friendly staff at Rebol Family Dentistry is here for you and we ultimately want to provide both you and your child with the best experience possible. Please let us know any and all of your family’s needs!

Not a patient yet? If you’d like to make an appointment, for yourself or your child, please give us a call at 828-358-2292 or schedule an appointment online.

Brushing Your Teeth: 6 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

You may know already that brushing your teeth at least twice a day is recommended by most dentists, including our own, but are you sure you’re doing it correctly?

Children brushing their teeth before going to bed in Asheville

We know that it doesn’t feel good to hear that you may be doing something wrong, but correcting these six common brushing mistakes are super easy! Follow our recommendations and you will be on your way to even better oral health.

Keep reading to find out if you’re guilty of one of these common teeth brushing faux pas.

1) Brushing Too Hard

This one has to be the most common mistake, and we understand why people are tempted to make it. Because of the shape of teeth, food can be hard to get to with just a toothbrush, which is why flossing as well as brushing is a great idea.

The one thing that won’t help you remove excess debris is brushing your teeth really hard. Watch your face in the mirror while you brush; is it fixed in an expression of anger or intensity? If so, you’re probably going a bit too hard and may cause harm or permanent damage to your gums. Easy does it when it comes to brushing.

2) Rushing Your Brushing

Most of us know that you’re supposed to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, but how many of us actually take that to heart? It can be easy to fall into the trap of rushing through your oral health routine, which can negatively affect the health of your mouth in the long term.

Some dental specialists have a solution: use your phone to set an alarm that will ensure you brush for the right amount of time, or have fun with it and put on a song while you brush. Most songs these days, especially pop songs, last for about two to three minutes, which gives you a perfect window of time to attend to your teeth.

3) Using the Wrong Type of Toothbrush

Toothbrushes with super hard bristles won’t help you reach the hard to get plaque, but they can hurt your gums. Soft or extra soft bristle toothbrushes are actually recommended, as they will be forgiving to your gums and offer the flexibility needed to reach more places. All bristles should be doing is dislodging food that’s stuck in your teeth. Using super hard bristles with force may remove protective enamel, leaving your teeth exposed and sensitive.

4) Using an Old Brush

Just as bad as using a brush with extra hard bristles is using a brush that’s past its prime. Toothbrushes should be changed every three to four months. To better remember, consider changing your toothbrush with the season.

Keep your toothbrush in a place that gets plenty of air so that it dries in between uses. A brush that’s bent, frayed or discolored is no longer a brush that should be used. If this is happening before the three month mark, it could be a sign that you’re using too much force when you brush your teeth.

5) Rinsing Your Mouth with Water After

It’s very normal and tempting to rinse your mouth with water after you brush but doing so totally negates the fluoride in your toothpaste. (Additional tip: you should be using a toothpaste with fluoride, if you’re not already.) Instead of reaching for the tap after you brush, rinse with a mouthwash that also has fluoride in it. Be sure not to drink any water or other beverages for at least a half hour after you’ve brushed. This will allow the fluoride to coat your teeth and better protect them.

6) Brushing Side to Side

Most of us grow up brushing our teeth from one side to another in a horizontal motion, but that is not the best way to care for your teeth. Instead, try brushing in small, circular motions. It’s more beneficial to your mouth to use strokes that roll up and down, and it’s important to remember to hit the tongue side of teeth as well. Think of brushing as a massage for the teeth and do your best to reach every nook and cranny.

Brushing may not be the most exciting part of a person’s day, but it’s really important to know how to do it well. If you avoid the above mistakes, your teeth should be in great shape for years to come. Don’t forget to visit your dentist every six months or so to get a check up. If you are in the Asheville area and looking for a qualified, caring family dentistry practice, contact us or schedule an appointment.

5 Reasons to Schedule a Dental Appointment Before School Starts

It’s that time of year again; the kids are going back to school! New notebooks? Got ‘em. Booster shots? Yep! What about a dental check up? 

Child goes to pediatric dental appointment before school starts

Though it may seem like medical check ups are the only necessity for kids going back to school, a dental check up and teeth cleaning are highly recommended at the start of the school year. A healthy mouth means a healthy kid! And some schools actually require that teeth have been checked prior to the school year, so why not take the time and do so now?

Your Schedule Isn’t Crazy (Yet!)

One of the best parts about taking your child to the dentist during summer is that everyone’s not so busy yet! As soon as September hits, most children will have after-school activities, parents will be shuttling their kids from point A to point B, and life will have returned to its regularly scheduled mania again.

Carve out some time for your children to see a dentist before going back to school. You’ll be happy to have it out of the way, and your doctor will be able to tell you whether or not further treatment is necessary, such as braces or fillings. We recommend that children see us every six months or so due to the high rate of change that happens during their school years.

A Healthy Mouth Means Better Grades

Getting a check up prior to the start of school can improve a child’s chance of excelling academically. They won’t have to miss days of school, which means they’ll be spending their time in the classroom where they should be.

Additionally, kids can become easily distracted by pain or discomfort. If there is an issue with their teeth or oral health, they might fixate on that instead of focusing on their teacher. Ensure that they are good to go with a dental check up before the school year!

Fluoride and Fresh Breath

There’s nothing like a fresh set of choppers! Set your children up for the new school year by clearing away debris and deep cleaning their teeth. Additionally, by scheduling an appointment before the school year starts, your dentist can look for infections or decay and treat them if they exist, preventing further days out of school.

Fluoride is important to protect teeth and help them grow stronger. Make sure your child is up to date on fluoride treatments. While most cities have fluoride in the water, sometimes it’s not enough.

Reinforce Good Habits

There’s never a bad time to reinforce good habits! This is especially true during the last weeks of summer, as everyone will be busy when school starts up again. Take your child to the dentist and allow the doctors to do the talking. Pediatric dentists in Asheville in particular are trained in ways to encourage good dental habits and will be a welcome addition to your own encouragement.

Remember, not all kids will be able to brush alike. Talk to your family dentist about what to expect from your child at their age. For example, children six and under may think they’re ready to brush by themselves but often lack the necessary motor skills. Make sure that the whole household is doing their part to prevent cavities.

If you don’t yet have a family dentist and live in the Asheville area, contact us to set up an appointment.

Tonsil Check

Dental check ups are an ideal time to take a look at your child’s tonsils as well. Enlarged or inflamed tonsils can interfere with a child’s well being, usually by affecting their sleep or concentration. This is important to recognize and treat early on.

The back-to-school season is always hectic, and we understand that parents can get a bit bogged down with tasks. Try to make the time to see a dentist and get a check up before the school year. If you are interested in speaking to one of our doctors, make an appointment today.